If you need more reporting and analytical capability than that offered by Excel, Power BI offers a step up in terms of business intelligence. With Power BI, users can assemble, review, and visualize data from disparate silos, giving them keen insight into their operations and allowing them to make informed decisions based on reliable data. Here are some other reasons to leverage the power of Power BI:

Fast startup. Power BI was designed with business users in mind. Users will be able to get to work quickly with simple setup. No training is required. Power BI comes with predefined dashboards for Microsoft Dynamics.

Streamlined publication and distribution. Instead of distributing large reports via email or on shared drives, users can upload reports and visualizations to the Power BI service. These are refreshed whenever the related data is updated.

Real-time information. Dashboards update as their underlying data changes. This gives users the ability to quickly resolve issues and identify opportunities. Any report or dashboard can be updated with real-time data from factory sensors, social media, or labor collection systems or anything that transmits data as they are changing.

The Power BI app can be customized. An app navigation feature gives report developers the capability to customize navigation to help users find what they’re looking for quickly and understand the relationships between different reports and visualizations.

Ability to customize security features. Report developers can set up row-level security (RLS) to ensure that viewers see only data to which they’ve been granted access and prevent