Last year, and the year before that, and the year before that…robotics was the headliner when it came to manufacturing trends. Of course, there will continue to be advancements in robotics, not just in 2020, but well beyond. However, we’ve noticed that in recent articles, the top 2 manufacturing trends listed are more often software related.

For example:

  1. Improvements in Manufacturing Software Usability
  2. Demand for Data Analytics

At last, the focus is where we at Strategic Systems Group (SSG) think it should be. On the software. And specifically on manufacturing software. Why? Because the manufacturing software is the brains of the operations. It’s the manufacturing software that runs the shop floor. It’s the manufacturing software that governs the bill of materials (BOM).

We agree with the analysts who are now lamenting that developers of manufacturing ERP software have focused too long on functionality, while they should be paying more attention to usability. After all, just because the application works, that doesn’t mean it’s usable. The usability of ERP software hinges on the user interface (UI), the user experience (UX), and navigation.

Another critical issue is the ability to extract, analyze, and interpret data. This ability is also software-based. So again, we’re pleased that there is a new focus software designed to facilitate analysis. Because manufacturers who can quickly break down and understand the data, from raw materials to finished goods, will have an edge.

SSG implements manufacturing ERP software mainly developed by Microsoft, SYSPRO, and Infor. We have seen their focus evolve from functionality to usability. That’s why our manufacturing clients love Microsoft’s family of Dynamics ERP, for example, whether it’s Dynamics GP, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, or the newest family member – Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, which is a native cloud ERP software solution that’s ideal for manufacturers.

Getting Smarter

In addition to becoming more user-friendly, these systems are getting smarter. So when we hear the buzz around “smart factories,” we know that it’s the brain of the manufacturing software that’s, in fact, enabling the factories to get smarter. Smart factories leverage data to enhance efficiency and risk management while reducing downtime.

“At Microsoft, we’re focused on creating technologies that can serve as the connective tissue between machines. This can help legacy hardware, and factories become ‘smart.’ Our efforts are aimed at creating a platform that enables real-time data ingestion from factory machines (old and new), local data processing with low latency and comprehensive visualization for smarter factory monitoring. These elements are at the core of Industrial IoT (IIoT).”1

Focus on Manufacturing

Founded in 1991, Strategic Systems Group has focused exclusively on implementing ERP software for manufacturers nationwide. You can count on us to find the solution that just right for you. And then we’ll implement it, customize it, support, and maintain it.

For more information about how SSG can help your manufacturing processes, please contact SSG at (310) 539-4645 or via our contact form today!

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