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Top 2021 Blogs on Technology for Manufacturers and Distributors


The tools of our trade have evolved considerably over the three decades that we have been in business. And the landscape for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software has changed, too. Much of the evolution occurred in 2001 when Microsoft entered the ERP space by purchasing four well-known, popular brands – Axapta, Great Plains, Navision, and Solomon – and developing them under the Microsoft Dynamics umbrella.


The evolution continued with further consolidation when Infor expanded its ERP software offering by acquiring more than forty other software companies since 2002! With the $30 million acquisition of SalesLogix in 2014, Infor enhanced its CRM offering. With the $675 million acquisition of G.T. Nexus, for example, Infor enhanced its SCM (Supply Chain Management) offering. With the $68 million purchase of Birst, as another example, Infor deepened its B.I. (Business Intelligence) and Analytics capabilities.

More Changes

During all this change, at SSG, we kept our ears open and heads down, watching the shifts in the ERP software industry, keeping up with new products and trends. Cybersecurity became a pressing concern as hackers hones their skills. Regulatory compliance became a hot topic as new regulations were issued in the U.S. and the E.U. Supply Chain Management (SCM) became a top priority as supply chain disruptions began crippling many businesses.

And then there was (still is) the journey toward Digital Transformation (D.T.) and the movement of ERP from on-premises to the cloud.

Why Do We Blog

Yes! At SSG, we were swamped keeping abreast of all these changes and consolidations and acquisitions and regulations. So, you might wonder, why do we take time out to blog with everything else that is going on around us in our industry? The answer is simple. SSG wants to help you stay current, too. We want to help you navigate the changing landscape and the increasing demands our clients face by manufacturers and distributors.

That’s why this blog brings you our…

Top Five 2021 Blogs on Technology for Manufacturers and Distributors 

  1. Manage Your Entire Project Lifecycle with this Tool

Award winner Jim Henson created the Muppets. He is also often quoted for saying: “If you can’t beat them, join them.” In that spirit, Strategic Systems Group (SSG) and DiTRA Corp formed a partnership that brings DiTRA’s comprehensive Project Collaboration Tool (PCT) to SSG’s manufacturing ERP clients. There is a lot more to learn about this awesome tool, so, read on…

  1. The Future Innovations of Your Next ERP and MRP Are Looking Amazing

 Before we peer into what the future of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MRP (Material Resource Planning) might look like in a brave new world, let us catalog the present. We already have 3-D Printing, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), Biometric Authentication, Cryptocurrency, IoT (Internet of Things), ML (Machine Learning), Robotics, MR (Mixed Reality), RPA (Robotic Process Automation). But the future of ERP and MRP is even more impressive. Learn more about our vision for the future, so read on…

  1. Microsoft Built You a “Bridge to the Cloud”

Take your manufacturing and distribution software to the cloud because Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (B.C.) in the cloud is better than Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises, better than Microsoft Dynamics G.P., better than Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and better than Microsoft Dynamics SL. It allows you to access cutting-edge technology, control costs, improve I.T. productivity, improve security, ensure privacy, increase reliability, enable scalability, enjoy increased flexibility, and free up IT resources. You need to learn more about this bridge, so read on…

  1. Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Is Coming…Are You Ready?

Part of the DoD’s focus on the security and resiliency of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) sector involves working with industry to enhance the protection of sensitive information and intellectual property within the supply chain. Therefore, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is implementing the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) as a means of verifying and ensuring the cybersecurity of its supply chain. This is critical for current and future DoD contractors, so read on…

  1. ERP Software: The Gift that Continues Giving Value

When you treat your company to the gift of a new ERP software system, you are purchasing a gift that keeps on giving 365 days a year for the foreseeable future. There’s a long list of gifts, such as:

  • The Gift of Shop Floor Routing
  • The Gift of an Infinitely Deep BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • The Gift of Predictable Costs
  • The Gift of 360° Visibility

The list of ERP gifts is much longer, so read on…

What to Expect in 2022

SSG will continue blogging twice a month. Our blog is a vehicle for communication. And there is one thing we know for sure: Technology will never, ever stand still. It will keep moving forward, inexorably innovating, relentlessly surprising us. Technology will continue to evolve. The ERP landscape for manufacturers and distributors will continue to change. And SSG will continue to report on and explain the benefits and the consequences of new technologies via our blog.

Meanwhile, we are sending you our best wishes for the warm and wonderful holidays ahead. We will return to our blog in the new year, 2022, which is just around the corner.

Talk to us!

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