Infor is a case in point for the consolidation that has occurred in the software industry over the past decade or two. Infor, a multi-national enterprise software company, headquartered in New York City, is the amalgamation of more than 40 software acquisitions made since it was founded in 2002.

A privately held corporation, Infor provides business applications primarily delivered via cloud computing as a service. Initially focused on software ranging from financial systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) to supply chain and customer relationship management, in 2010, Infor began to focus on software for industry niches such as manufacturing. Infor deploys its cloud applications through Amazon Web Services and various open-source software platforms.

With revenue of approximately $3 billion, Infor has more than 58 million cloud users, as well as around 90,000 corporate customers overall. Infor is active in 200 countries and territories, with approximately 17,000 employees. Customers include Bausch & Lomb, Ferrari, and Heineken.

Infor LogoStrategic Systems Group (SSG) has extensive
experience implementing and supporting all
of the following Infor solutions:


Infor ERP LN

SSG was one of the first consulting firms to become involved with Infor ERP LN. SSG has been providing ERP LN implementation, data migration, and consulting services since shortly after the application was released in the US. SSG performed the first US data migration to ERP LN and has developed a standard data migration tool from MK to ERP LN.

When ERP LN was introduced, the application delivered solutions to many requests from the Baan, MK, and Manman communities. The technology and quality of the application have continued to improve since it was released.

SSG has been there to see ERP LN evolve, and we understand the changes that have taken place. The SSG team also understands the differences between ERP LN and the Baan, MK, and Manman applications.

Baan IV and Baan V – Since the very early days of Baan, SSG has been involved in supporting clients with application training, optimization, and enhancement. We are extremely familiar with the application, data structures, and what it takes to leverage the applications to get optimal results. Because of our experience with the application, SSG also assists clients in migrating from Baan to other manufacturing ERP software platforms.

Infor VISUAL allows manufacturers to increase production throughput, margins, and customer satisfaction with cost performance tools and Infor’s® patented scheduler. Companies can determine delivery dates and secure shop floor capacities in anticipation of customer purchase orders and create “what-if” schedules

Infor MK – SSG has supported Clients on various versions of MK since the very early days. We have developed solutions that help organizations utilize the power of the data assets and streamlined processes to optimize efficiency and results.

Over the years, SSG has developed and delivered MK training programs to many organizations. For companies running MK, there may be several reasons to evaluate training programs. These reasons include turnover in personnel and poor utilization of the MK application.

Although many companies are in a ‘holding pattern’ before moving to another ERP application, re-training may produce valuable results now that make the investment well worthwhile. SSG can assist companies with training to improve processes in the short term while consulting on the evaluation process and migration to a new ERP platform.

Infor Manman – Classic Manman has been and remains a powerful manufacturing application. Over the years, SSG has helped clients identify and develop custom solutions to leverage the power of the application. Although many companies remain on Manman, there is a continuing trend of migration to more modern, high-functionality software. SSG has performed many of these data migration and implementation projects, which have included migrating to other Infor and non-Infor applications.

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