Update (3/3/2021) – The end of support for Infor MANMAN ceased on June 20th, 2020. Strategic Systems Group continues to support Infor MANMAN (DEC & HP) and other legacy ERP platforms. Get in touch with our office for more details by calling (310) 539-4645.

Challenges can arise if a division in your organization is using systems that no longer receive technical support or updates, or those that are discontinued. In fact, utilizing hardware or software that is unsupported is sort of a ticking time bomb at your company waiting to happen. 

You may have difficulties with integration, portability, speed, and exorbitant maintenance costs, further compromising your business. In addition to these challenges, come burning questions such as: How and when do I replace my system? What will a new solution cost? Which system is best to upgrade?

With help from Strategic Systems Group, you will not have to answer these questions alone. SSG specializes in legacy systems migration and are the chosen team that businesses come to for support for Infor MANMAN and others.

Without support from the right team, using an outdated ERP system like Infor MANMAN in this digital age, can not only hinder your organization’s success, it can greatly affect other departments, your processes and your staff. Though the number of providers are declining, SSG makes it possible for many companies to continue using MANMAN. See client case studies.

Since 1991, Strategic Systems Group has provided clients with implementation, training and support for manufacturing software systems, including Infor MANMAN, MK, and Baan. We’ve even developed custom solutions to achieve the necessary functionality and reporting tools, helping the legacy ERP software package thrive. (Check out list of SSG-supported manufacturing applications.)

We want to help you transform your business systems and lead you on a journey toward an intelligent enterprise. Even with MANMAN, we can help you achieve success.  

Contact Strategic Systems Group today for help with support for Inform MANMAN, or to discuss implementing a new solution.