The eBook recently published by Strategic Systems Group (SSG) is a FAQ resource. It provides in-depth answers to “12 Frequently Asked Questions about Enterprise Resource Planning Systems” for manufacturers. Chapter 4 focuses on the road to success:

Successful ERP Implementations Include these Top 9 Activities and Milestones

The curvy road to a successful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation is marked by milestones that represent the completion of each critical activity along the way, from initial planning to final execution. Each step is critical and no one step is more important than any other.

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We’ve divided the implementation journey into 9 activities with an explanation of what is involved in each and what you can expect to accomplish at each stage.

1-Conduct a Discovery in the Office
Get under the covers to review internal business processes with key

2-Conduct a Discovery on the Shop Floor
Dig deeper into the organization’s warehouse and manufacturing
operations with the people who take responsibility for the distribution,
sales, and marketing,

3-Planning Document with Milestones
Document your plan with start dates, due dates, responsibility, and status. Use a tool like Microsoft Project or a detailed Excel spreadsheet.

4-Documentation of Existing Business Process
Incorporating aspects of lean programming methodology, map out the data points, define the work-flow, and determine how existing business processes will fit into the new solution.

5-Assess Whether Business Processes Fit with System Functionality
Identify inefficient business processes. Determine how the new software can create efficiencies.

6-Reengineer the Business Processes
This is an opportunity to eliminate workarounds that were implemented due to the limitations of the current system.

7-Allocate All Needed Resources
Identify the team members who, due to their expertise, will play a role in the smooth transition to the new system.

8-Create Documentation
Map the new business processes, document, and validate them. This a key step before the project team infuses the business processes into the workflow of the new system.

9-Train End Users
What could be more important than ensuring that end users can function effectively on “go live” day?


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