Why Restaurant Franchisees Choose Strategic Systems Group (SSG)

​​As a restaurant franchisee, your job is more complicated than most. You’ve got experience in the catering and food sectors, but now it’s on your shoulders to turn out profitable branches of a well-known brand. This is hard to manage, and for many franchisees, having an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system makes capturing and reporting the financial aspects of their businesses a lot easier.

Restaurant Industry ERP Services

​​Industry Leaders in Accounting Systems

​​We specialize in installing the accounting system your firm really needs. As a restaurant franchisee, you’ve got a lot of responsibility. You’ve got to uphold the brand while running a profitable operation. It’s hard to balance all books at the same time. ​​
​​But with the help of an ERP system, you can track multiple sources of financial information, all of which are needed for accurate profit and loss accounting:

  • Point of Sales (POS) Data
  • Labor Costs
  • I​​Inventory Costs
  • Fixed Costs
  • ​​Variable Costs

​​​​With real-time tracking of these elements, our clients in the restaurant industry are able to efficiently run their corner of the franchise with the use of their ERP systems. We are able to get them up and running quickly, adhering to all compliance regulations. We understand that each restaurant is different, depending on where it is located, the clientele, and what name you’re representing.

​​How We Can Help Our Restaurant Franchisee Clients

As a result of working with ERP experts, your restaurants can have streamlined control over their business operations. In the fast-moving world of hospitality, it can be hard to constantly monitor how supplies are ordered, ingredients are used, and how labor hours are expended. But with an effective ERP system, we can an ensure that you have financial visibility and operational control.
​​With an integrated solution in place, we can help you address three areas of concern within your organization:

  • Profit
  • Efficiency
  • Growth .

​​Because we tailor your ERP system to suit your business, you’ll never have to worry that you’ve implemented a difficult-to-use system that will cost you more than it saves.

​​Indeed, there are many areas in which you can leverage our ERP expertise in:

Discovery and Analysis

​​Supply Chain Management

​​Your restaurants don’t operate in a vacuum and working with external suppliers to meet your supply chain demands can often be difficult and time-consuming. With an ERP system in place, you can automate any number of processes like checking stock and placing orders to purchase more when needed. ​​

​​Supply chain management allows more freedom within your organization. With your ERP system, you can use automated sales reports, predict when more stock is needed, and reduce the cost of holding inventory.

​​Capturing Labor Costs

​​An ERP system’s ability to manage and control human resources will also allow you to cut back on unnecessary labor costs. Less staff needed in the back office means more staff on the restaurant floor, attending to customers. Your labor efficiency will improve as wasted time and effort is eliminated.

​​Inventory Management

As a restaurant franchisee, it can be hard to maintain the levels of inventory needed to serve hundreds of customers every day. With an ERP system in place, your inventory management can be transformed into a well-oiled machine that requires little human input. ​​

​​With automated notifications alerting a store manager of low stock levels as well as accurate ingredient balances, an ERP system will help you to maintain optimal levels of inventory. Use your ERP system to place orders with a supplier and the system will track and manage stock levels without the need for human intervention. ERP solutions are also entirely capable of matching purchase orders, purchase receipts, and supplier invoices, to ensure accurate payment.


​​Loss Prevention

​​​​Another compelling reason to implement an ERP system in your company is its ability to prevent loss at multiple points within the organization. It can prevent theft from the stockroom, with accurate, real-time stock tracking. Similarly, your ERP system can also help you to better track expiration dates, ensuring any stock you use is fresh and up to standard. With a properly implemented ERP solution, waste of perishable items can become a thing of the past.

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