Actually, it’s not just a question of when. It’s also a question of why. So let’s take a look at the when and the why.

To explore this topic, we also need to understand what “outdated” means. There was a time when business management software programs were nothing more than accounting systems that managed your General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), and Accounts Receivables (AR). In the industry, we called this GLAPAR (rhymes with flapper, as in the Roaring Twenties!). But you’d be hard pressed to find a software solution today that confines itself to just the basics of financial management.

Today, business management software extends to every aspect of your operations, from inventory management to the manufacturing shop floor, from field service to supply chain, across every industry sector you could name. That’s why these software programs are now called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions. The newest innovations in ERP software offer more purchase options than ever before, with cloud-based solutions that eliminate substantial hardware and infrastructure costs, thus leveling the playing field for start-ups and smaller companies that previously couldn’t afford cutting-edge software systems.

As technology rapidly changes to include more innovative and comprehensive solutions, ERP software vendors have responded by releasing new versions of their programs annually, some even quarterly. Does this mean that your ERP software may be outdated every 3 or 12 months? The answer is yes!

Moving back to the original question of WHEN and WHY to pull the trigger and replace your outdated business management/ERP software, there are dozens of great reasons, but here are the top 3:

1) WHEN your current software is no longer meeting your business needs

If your current software is no longer meeting your business needs, then the question of WHY you should be replacing it is pretty much a moot point. Why would you want to struggle every day with a solution that is no longer viable and is in fact preventing your company from growing and maintaining a competitive edge? If the issue is cost, then we can look at some of the new Pay-as-You-Consume subscription options that, as mentioned above, eliminate the upfront costs of purchasing the software and hardware as well as the infrastructure and maintenance costs.

If the issue is time, as in “we just don’t have the time to engage in a lengthy software selection and implementation process,” then relax. Strategic Systems Group (SSG) has specialized in selection, migration, implementation and integration services – since 1991! One thing we’ve learned over the last 26 years is that there will never be an optimal time. You just have to be brave and pull the trigger.

Because you don’t be held hostage by outdated software.

2) WHEN your current software is no longer supported

Clearly, this can be very problematic. Attempting to run your business on unsupported ERP software versions is akin to a death wish. That may sound overly dramatic, but consider a scenario where your system crashes and there’s nowhere to go for help, no one who can come to your rescue. Your system is down. Your employees can’t work. You can’t access critical data and reports. You can’t send out invoices. You can’t pay your bills. You’re blind and you’re dead in the water.

Either you need to upgrade your current software or you need to replace it altogether. But because you’ve waited too long, you’re now desperate. Instead of properly planning and scheduling an upgrade or a replacement, there’s no time now to consider your options. You simply have to grab the first solution that comes your way, which may not be the best one at all.

WHY would you ever want to put yourself in this situation?

3) WHEN your current outdated software is preventing you from attracting new talent

While this is a more nuanced reason for replacing your software, it is nonetheless an important consideration. The workforce is getting younger and at the same time more tech savvy. This is a talent pool that has grown up with technology. It’s also a group that for exactly these reasons you want to attract to your company. WHY? Because they can think outside of the box and bring fresh ideas to your business processes.

But (you know there’s always a “but”), they want to work for companies that are forward thinking, companies that are willing to invest in state-of-the-art software systems. Paperless. Cloud-based. Forget about the server tucked away in a dusty closet. And forget, too, about some of the negative publicity you may have read about millennials. These are motivated, hard-working, innovative individuals who can take your business to the next level. Because they know that your company’s success will also mean their success. Your growth gives them room to grow and advance with you.

Don’t let your outdated software prevent you from hiring new blood.


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