I want to offer you some food for thought about remote training in general and how easily it can be applied specifically to remote ERP training services.

Q-When was the last time you were in your corporate office (versus your home office)?
A-For many of us, it has been months due to COVID-19. But for many more of us, it has been years and has nothing whatsoever to do with a global pandemic.

Q-When was the last time your kids (or grandkids) sat in a brick and mortar classroom?
A-Most of our children have not been in a brick and mortar classroom since March. If a 6-year old can figure out how to learn remotely, I guess as adults, we can figure that out, too.

Q-When was the last time you used a YouTube tutorial to figure out how to accomplish a task? YouTube video tutorials are incredibly popular.
A-I recently used one to figure out how to make a face mask out of a bandana. It took less than 2 minutes, and it worked like a charm!

Q-How many people do you know who graduated from an online university such as the ever-popular University of Phoenix (which, by the way, was established in 1976!)?
A-I have worked with IT Specialists who had acquired online degrees, and they were exceedingly well trained and accomplished.

I would also like to offer you a few sobering thoughts:

1-While some businesses are reopening, and some people are going back to work in real offices, the WHO and the CDC believe that the threat of a second COVID-19 wave is almost inevitable.

2-There is a strong probability that we will experience more pandemics in our future.

3-The best we can hope for is a return to a new normal, whatever that might look like.

But…there is a silver lining 😊

With tens of thousands of companies shuttered, tens of millions of Americans have figured out how to work remotely, if they were not already doing that. We have also learned that it is not all bad.

  • Tens of millions of Americans are no longer wasting time and money commuting to work.
  • Our highways and byways are no longer jammed with cars.
  • We are consuming significantly less fossil fuel.
  • Smog levels have plummeted.
  • The ozone layer is healing.
  • Automobile accidents have plummeted.

What could this mean for American companies?

Indeed, companies are realizing that they can benefit when their employees work from home. Thus, in our new normal:

  • Companies no longer need as much office space.
  • Overhead expenses can be drastically reduced.
  • Those savings will have a direct positive impact on the bottom line.

These are trends that started years ago but have become more prevalent in the wake of COVID-19.

Taking advantage of remote ERP training services

In what we might now call the “olden days,” ERP training was always conducted in person. When a company was moving to a new ERP system, training costs were an integral part of the budget. Of course, training is still needed. But it can efficiently be conducted virtually without the expense of onsite training. With remote training, there is no need to cover travel expenses, which often included flying consultants out to client sites.

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The same is true for the ongoing ERP training that Strategic Systems Group (SSG) now offers. You can improve the knowledge and productivity on your current ERP platform with remote training from SSG’s certified experts. We have evaluated a number of interactive training platforms, which, as you might expect, have proliferated due to the exigencies of the pandemic. So, some are new, while some are tried and true.

You might recognize some of these: Google Classroom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, ezTalks Meetings, WizIQ, Velpic, Skilljar, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting by LogMeIn, and the list goes on.

They all come with pros and cons. Choosing the best training platform is our job, not yours. The point is that we have done our homework and we know which platforms are the easiest to use, which are the most feature-rich, which platforms offer the best environment, and which are the most suitable depending on your specific needs and the size of the group that needs to be trained.

SSG offers remote ERP training so that, during this troubled time and beyond, you can:

  • Utilize employee downtime working in a virtual environment
  • Prepare internal Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to recover from the COVID-19 crisis after returning to work
  • Assist in planning to come back stronger in Q3

And oh, by the way, you do not need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in order to participate in remote training! 😊

All you need to do in order to take advantage of SSG’s remote ERP training is to tell us what you want to accomplish and how large or small your group will be. One way to determine precisely what your training goals are is to utilize SSG’s ERP system health checklist. This will help you uncover areas within your ERP platform that can and should be optimized for peak performance based on best practices. Using our health checklist, you will likely identify more “problem” areas than you ever thought about areas that we can address during our customized training program.

Now you might be wondering which ERP solutions are included in our remote training services offering. The answer is: Pretty much any and all Microsoft Dynamics ERP or Infor ERP software, including current and legacy versions of those solutions.

SSG has the skillset to provide training for the following Microsoft ERPs (and CRM):

And, SSG has the skillset to provide training for the following Infor ERPs:

So put your face masks, shields, and body armor away. Contact SSG today, and together we will get you started on the road to recovery with optimized remote training for optimized ERP.

Call us right now at  (310) 539-4645 or use our contact form. Either way works.  

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