“You reap what you sow.”

It’s a phrase that’s bandied about. It can interpreted philosophically or pragmatically. How does this relate to the topic at hand? Well, in the world of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), you make an investment in the software that runs your business financials and operations. And then you expect a return on your investment. That’s commonly called the ROI (Return on Investment).

It’s a perfectly reasonable expectation.

Typically, the tangible benefits that contribute to the return on your investment in ERP software include:

  • Reducing inventory levels through improved planning and controls
  • Increasing production efficiency thereby minimizing shortages and interruptions
  • Reducing materials cost through improved procurement and payment protocols
  • Reducing labor costs and overtime through more efficient staff allocations
  • Increasing sales revenue by better managed customer relationships
  • Reducing administrative costs
  • Reducing the cost of regulatory compliance

All of which results in an increase in gross margin percentages.

Theoretically, your ERP software does all of that for you. Yet, we all know that software is only as good as the people who program, tweak, optimize and monitor it. So while you’re busy running your business, who is making sure that your ERP software system is running at peak performance levels to deliver the highest possible ROI?

That’s the role of ERP software experts at consulting firms like Strategic Systems Group (SSG).

To reap the full benefits and advantages of your ERP solution, it pays to engage the services of an experienced consulting firm. To be perfectly honest, you probably know your business better than we do, while we probably know the INs and OUTs of your ERP software better than you do. That’s because SSG has been implementing and optimizing manufacturing ERP software solutions for more than 25 years.

So whether you’re running a “legacy” solution or one of the top new manufacturing systems on the market today, SSG provides the consulting services you need to ensure that you’re always getting the most out of your software. Think of us as the brainiacs pushing all the right buttons behind the scenes.

Let’s talk about support for your ERP solution.

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