Power BI integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central through Microsoft’s Common Data Service (a.k.a. Dataverse) which allows data to be integrated from multiple sources into a single location along with data that’s already available from Dynamics 365 Business Central.

To make that functionality possible, the two systems have to communicate with each other. The process to accomplish this is surprisingly simple. There is no need to develop the integration from scratch. Using the standard templates in AppSource, Power BI and Dynamics 365 Business Central can be integrated in less than 30 minutes.

Microsoft has included many Power BI charts in standard Business Central lists. Users can use Power BI simply by logging into the Business Central system. This is a great way for new users to become familiar with Power BI.

To take the Power BI Integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central further, follow these steps to download templates from AppSource that connect Power BI with Business Central:

  1. Open Power BI from Office 365 on the web or go to PowerBI.com
  2. Click the “Get Data” button in the bottom left corner of the Power BI dashboard
  3. Under the “Discover Content” heading Select “Get” in the Services tile
  4. In the pop up window, search for “Business Central”
  5. Select the template you’d like to download and select “Get it Now” to install the app
  6. Once the app is installed, select “Connect” under the “Connect Your Data” heading
  7. Select the desired the Company Name
  8. Enter login credentials
  9. Wait for the data populate