It’s not easy to find support for what are known in the software industry as “legacy” systems. In this context, the term “legacy” refers to solutions that have been discontinued, or for whatever the reason might be, are no longer being updated or supported. Once a software package has been discontinued, the number of providers who support that system quickly declines.

Strategic Systems Group (SSG) has been implementing and supporting manufacturing software systems for our clients since 1991. And while we also implement several of the most modern, industry-leading solutions for manufacturers – such as Microsoft Dynamics AX and GP, SYSPRO, Infor LN, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 – many of our clients continue to run legacy manufacturing software systems such as Infor Manman, MK, and Baan. And we continue to support them!

Therefore, if you need support for a legacy manufacturing software solution that is near and dear to you, you’ve come to the right place.

Because many legacy ERP software packages lack up-to-date functionality and reporting capabilities, SSG has developed custom solutions for these programs so that we can continue to fulfill all of our clients’ business requirements, with updated functionality and reporting tools.

We also specialize in migrating companies from legacy ERP applications to modern ERP applications which provide increased functionality and greater efficiencies out-of-the-box.

Thus, whether you’re committed to your current legacy ERP solution or you’re ready to migrate to a new manufacturing system but want to work with a partner who has in-depth experience with both, SSG is that partner.

We understand that you’ve made a significant investment in your current solution. It’s an application that your end-users are comfortable with. And while we’re in a position to provide continued support, still, we would be remiss if we neglected to point out some of the key reasons why migration to a newer system might be to your advantage.

  • Legacy software does not integrate well with other IT systems
  • The legacy languages and development tools needed to support a legacy system are increasingly difficult or expensive to obtain
  • Many legacy systems run on legacy platforms and hardware that are difficult to support
  • Portability, interoperability, and performance speed
  • Increased storage and computing power
  • The emergence of cloud, enterprise mobility and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Here is a complete list of SSG-supported manufacturing applications.

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