Strategic Systems Group (SSG) performs CPR for ERP! If you work in the medical profession, or, if you’ve ever watched one of those ubiquitous doctor shows on TV, you’ve seen how everyone responds when a patient flatlines. Within seconds, a team jumps in to perform CPR.


The SSG team understands that there are many reasons why we might need to perform CPR on your ERP system. That’s why we’ve developed a 30-point health checklist that enables us to determine exactly what’s ailing your ERP software system, what the symptoms of your system illness are. With that knowledge, we know how, when, and where to perform CPR.

We routinely use that checklist, but it’s simple enough for you to use it on your own. Just answer YES or NO to the 30 points on the list. If you answer NO more than 50% of the time, it’s a clear sign that CPR is required.

A word to the wise: Get CPR for your ERP sooner than later. Don’t wait for your system to flatline!

Samples from Our Checklist

Here are just 8 health check samples out of 30 on our list. Answering NO to even 1 point means your system has some weakness, a vulnerability that should be addressed. The more NOs you fill in, the more you are at risk.

  • Business application maintenance is performed at least monthly. YES or NO
  • Data archiving is performed on a periodic basis. YES or NO
  • Database maintenance is scheduled to run at least monthly. YES or NO
  • Restore from backup has been tested within the last 60 days. YES or NO
  • Disk space utilization is less than 75%. YES or NO
  • Application response time is within 5 seconds. YES or NO
  • Processes are in place to identify and logoff orphaned terminal server sessions. YES or NO
  • Scans for viruses and malware are conducted at least daily. YES or NO

How did you score on our little test? How many red flags came up?

Next Steps

You have 2 options.

  • Download the full checklist here and continue the health check on your own.
  • Skip that step and contact us right away to get immediate CPR for your ERP.

We’ve been implementing and optimizing ERP software solutions for manufacturers since 1991. Please contact SSG at 310-539-4645 or via our contact form today!

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