Manage Customers From Any Device

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales works in the cloud, giving sales personnel the opportunity use it wherever they happen to be, on any device. It’s compatible with PC, Mac, phone, and tablet.

Centralize Customer Activity Logs

Say goodbye to fragmented customer activity logs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales organizes them into a central repository for safe storage and access by any authorized team member.

Get Proactive Sales Management

Give reps actionable insights on what to do next. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales’ Relationship Assistant prompts sales personnel to contact customers automatically, without the need to set manual reminders.

Get Real-Time Team Data

Give managers up-to-the-minute information on sales staff performance. Get advanced analytics based on both historical data and predictive insights.

Provide Real-Time Coaching

Issue instructions, feedback, and training to reps via the platform in real-time. Connect with struggling sales personnel to offer support and direction.

Integrate With Microsoft 365 Apps

Make your sales staff more productive by integrating Dynamics 365 Sales with other Microsoft 365 apps. For instance, edit Excel-based sales data and then save changes in Dynamics 365 Sales without the need to manually switch between applications.

Set Business Processes

Give staff step-by-step sales processes to maximize their chances of closing deals. Get tools to prevent them from falling off script. Develop business-specific and testable processes that increase conversions and improve morale and performance.

Transform the Customer Experience

Make it simple for reps to collaborate with each other on client accounts. Benefit from cloud technology that improves information sharing and transparency for a more seamless, professional, responsive, and effective experience.

Generate More Prospects

Discover the best ways to engage with your customers and generate interest in every stage of the sales funnel. Move from a reactive model of “What went wrong?” to a proactive approach of “How will I benefit?” Get data on monetization, customer engagement, and repeat sales. Leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales’ visual capabilities to quickly analyze your current sales position.

Automate Your Sales Processes

Take advantage of no-code tools to automate your sales efforts by integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with the Microsoft Power Platform. Optimize your sales efforts in a unified and intelligent manner. Use state-of-the-art machine learning tools to tell sales staff what they should do next, based on historical sales information.

Build Better Relationships

Funnel omnichannel data relating to customer sales, calls, emails, and surveys to a single app to get actionable insights about the customer journey. Link to supporting customer relationship management information to help sales staff communicate with customers more effectively.

Sales Hub App

The Sales Hub app is Microsoft’s ultimate cloud-based tool. Built around its Unified Interface framework, Microsoft provides reps and managers with seamless user experience regardless of screen size or device. Sales Hub works with smartphones, desktops, laptops and other field-based devices. It is available through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise licensing plan and includes the full range of features that Microsoft offers.

Sales Professional App

The Sales Professional app is a limited version of the Sales Hub, providing essential tools for small and medium-sized businesses operations. It is available via the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional licensing plan.