The world moved into the 21st century with grave trepidation. They called it Y2K.

The predictions rose to the level of apocalyptic. Computer systems around the world would crash. Why!  Because programmers had reduced the 4-digit year to 2 digits, making the year 2000 indistinguishable from 1900. They dubbed it the year 2000 problem, the Y2K problem, the Millennium bug, the Y2K bug, or simply Y2K.

So while New Year’s Eve revelers were counting down the minutes to the new millennium and drinking champagne, programmers were sitting at their computers waiting for the worst to happen.

And what happened? Virtually nothing at all.

The year 2000 was also a pivotal year for cloud computing. The .com bubble burst but at the same time, Amazon was preparing to launch AWS (Amazon Web Services), a collection of remote computing services that together make up a cloud computing platform.

Cloud Computing Timeline

All of which brings us, finally, to the present day and what the cloud means for your ERP software.

It’s not uncommon to hear decision makers who are fearful of moving to the cloud. They worry about security, loss of control, and/or high cost. Those are urban myths. The reality is that cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are more secure than servers sitting in a closet in your office. Yes, in many cases you relinquish some control, but in a positive way. Because your cloud provider automatically installs the requisite patches and updates for your software. And when it comes to cost, if you do a thorough cost analysis, you’ll find that the cloud is more cost effective. You may also find that it will cost about the same as managing it yourself. However, with a cloud solution, there is peace of mind knowing that the operating system is always up-to-date and that the environment is secure.

Strategic Systems Group (SSG) supports both on-premises and cloud manufacturing software systems.

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Infor LN
  • Infor Visual
  • Infor Baan
  • Infor MK
  • Infor Manman

SSG is dedicated to making sure that our manufacturing clients find the software solution that is right fit for their business and their business processes. Perhaps you’re not quite ready to move to the cloud. But we predict that by 2020, if you haven’t moved all of your systems to the cloud, you will at least have a hybrid cloud solution (part on-premises, part cloud).

Because you really need to jump on the cloud bandwagon or be left behind. And that’s going to be a topic for one of our upcoming blog articles. So keep watching the SGG blog for more information.

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