Microsoft Dynamics SL Services

Microsoft Dynamics SL is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for project-focused small and medium-sized businesses. Microsoft Dynamics SL connects natively to Microsoft Office Project Server. This business application provides project, service, and distribution organizations with robust project management and project accounting functionality. The system's functionality includes:

  • Finance (A/P, A/R, G/L)
  • Project accounting
  • Field service
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply chain management
  • Electronic commerce
  • Analytics

Microsoft Dynamics SL Services

Microsoft Dynamics SL's roots go back more than 35 years, when its co-founders formed TLB, Inc. in 1980. TLB, Inc. was later renamed Solomon Software, and then Microsoft Dynamics SL. Solomon was acquired by Great Plains Software in June 2000. Great Plains was subsequently acquired by Microsoft Corporation in May 2001.

Manufacturing System Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics SL Migration 

While Microsoft has made great strides on its cloud-based ERP applications, Dynamics SL continued to be a solid platform for many small to mid-sized, project-focused businesses. When it is time to move away from Dynamics SL to a more modern business application, we assist clients in the software selection process. Primary concern: Given Microsoft's roadmap for the Dynamics SL product, which ERP product should I select to support my company's business in place of Dynamics SL? As with many things, it depends and we can help you make an informed decision. We've found that selling a replacement ERP system is the easy part. Choosing the right mix of components and integrating 3rd party applications is where we are of the most value to our clients. The implementation a new solution entails implementing the new system to facilitate the effective execution of your organization's business processes. 

Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Systems integration brings together unrelated systems into one to deliver needed functionality minimizing wasted effort. This entails linking different software applications to act as a tightly integrated unit. Why is this so important? We perform systems integration for clients to increase value to the customer (quality, performance) while providing value to the company (reduced operational costs and improved on-time delivery). We help you achieve the objectives of making users of the Microsoft Dynamics SL system more productive and your organization profitable by integrating people, departments, systems, and processes for new competitive advantage. 

Business Process Analysis

Process Analysis

Business processes are simply collections sequential tasks which lead to the delivery of a service or product to a customer. Business processes can also be defined as sets of activities that accomplish a specific organizational goal. Clients often ask us why business process analysis is so vital. We use business process analysis to help you identify the weakest points in an operation and identify ways to minimize wasted effort in your company. We use "Fit/Gap" analysis to evaluate each how effectively Microsoft Dynamics SL enables the organization to achieve its business objectives. This process calls for identifying the business processes that fit with well the business system as well as gaps that need to be filled. In situations where there is a gap between the business process and the business system, we assist clients to re-engineer the business process or make customizations to the application to improve fit. 

Financial and Operational Reporting

Financial and Operational

Microsoft Dynamics SL comes with an advanced many pre-defined reports all of which pull directly from the Dynamics SL database. With this native reporting functionality, we've helped our clients generate clear, concise operational reporting to augment the financial reports generated from the system. Management Reporter (formerly FRx) is the financial report writer that comes with Microsoft Dynamics SL. Unless there are pressing reasons to do otherwise, we suggest that our clients use Management Reporter for generating formatted financial reports from the Dynamics SL system. Using Management Reporter, we can help clients with the development of consolidated financial statements. We help clients integrate Microsoft Dynamics SL with Power BI to create a portal from which they can generate key financial and operational metrics. Visualization of these metrics over time enables executives to make timely, effective decisions. 

Software Development and Customization

Software Development and Customization 

There are trade-offs to consider when developing software or customizing the Microsoft Dynamics SL application. On the one hand, it improves current fit between business processes and the system. On the other, it increases the cost and complexity of a future migration. We suggest that the extent of software development and customization be kept to a minimum to extend the useful life of the Dynamics SL application. This makes the cost of migrating Dynamics SL to another solution more manageable. In certain situations, we suggest developing a custom application external to, yet integrated with, the Dynamics SL system. This approach serves to provide your company with needed functionality without modifying the core software. We can help you to make an informed decision regarding software development, customization, and writing an external application. 

Technical Support


After the Microsoft Dynamics SL system has been implemented, our clients often find technical support to be critical. Even if it's for nothing more than having someone to call when the unexpected happens. You have peace of mind knowing that there is a strike team on standby to take action if something catastrophic happens to your Dynamics SL system.