Microsoft Dynamics GP Services

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a respected mid-market Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution sold in several countries including in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. Partner-supported localizations enable the software to be deployed in other countries. Microsoft SQL Server is used to store data and can additionally be used to create custom reporting. Dynamics GP is written in a proprietary language known as Dexterity. Microsoft markets the application under its Microsoft Dynamics brand.

The Dynamics GP product was originally developed by Great Plains Software in Fargo, North Dakota. The software was first released in February 1993. We engaged with our first Great Plains client shortly after its release! Microsoft acquired Great Plains Software in April 2001.

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We were having difficulty getting users set up to access our Microsoft Dynamics GP and SmartConnect applications. Brian Iinuma and his team at SSG were great to work with. They jumped in quickly, resolved our user setup issues, and helped us get our year-end closed. We received clear process documentation so that we can complete these tasks ourselves in the future.”

Manufacturing System Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales & Implementation

While Microsoft has emphasized its cloud-based ERP applications, Dynamics GP has continued to be a solid platform for many small to mid-sized organizations. We understand the trade offs quite well and assist clients in the software selection process. Their specific concern is, given Microsoft's roadmap for the product, should I select Microsoft Dynamics GP to support my company's business today? As in many things, it depends and we can help you make an informed decision. We've found that selling the Dynamic GP software to clients is the easy part. Choosing the right components and 3rd party applications is where we add the most value to our clients in the sales process. The implementation of Dynamics GP entails putting the system into effect to facilitate the effective execution of your organization's business processes.

Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Systems integration brings together component sub-systems into one system to deliver needed functionality with minimal wasted effort. This entails linking together different software applications to act as a coordinated unit. Why is this important? We perform systems integration for clients with the objectives of increasing value to the customer (by improving product quality and performance) while simultaneously providing value to the company (by reducing operational costs and improving delivery times). We help you achieve the objectives of making users of the Microsoft Dynamics GP system more productive and your organization more nimble and profitable by integrating systems, departments, people, and processes for new competitive advantage.

Business Process Analysis

Process Analysis

Business processes are collections sequential tasks which lead to the delivery of a service or product to an internal or external customer. Business processes can also be thought of as sets of activities that accomplish an organizational goal. Clients often ask why business process analysis is so important. We use business process analysis to help you identify the weakest links in an operation and identify how to minimize wasted effort in your organization. We use a "Fit/Gap" analysis to evaluate each how effectively each functional area in your business is utilizing the Dynamics GP solution to achieve its objectives. This entails identifying aspects of the business processes that fit with well the business system and gaps that need to be addressed. In situations where there is a gap between the business process and the business system, Dynamics GP Consulting helps you re-engineer the business process or identify changes to the application to improve fit.

Financial and Operational Reporting

Financial and Operational

Microsoft Dynamics GP comes with an advanced reporting tool called SmartList. SmartList has several pre-defined reports all of which pull directly from your Dynamics GP database in Excel-compatible format. With this tool, we've helped our clients generate clear, concise reporting to validate and support the financial reports generated from the system. Management Reporter (formerly known as FRx) is the financial report writer that comes, built-in, with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Unless there are pressing reasons to do so, we recommend that our clients use Management Reporter for generating formatted financial reports from the GP system. Using Management Reporter, we can assist clients with the development of multi-entity or multi-currency financial statements. We help clients integrate Power BI with Microsoft Dynamics GP to create an information hub from which they can generate meaningful financial and operational metrics. Visualization of these metrics over time enable you to make timely, effective decisions.

Software Development and Customization

Software Development and Customization

There are trade offs to consider when developing custom software or customizing the Microsoft Dynamics GP application. On the one hand, it improves fit between business processes and the system. On the other, it increases the cost and complexity of a future upgrade. We recommend that the number and extent of custom software development and customization be kept to a minimum. This makes the cost of upgrading the Dynamics GP system in the future manageable. In certain situations, we recommend developing a custom application external to, yet integrated with, the Dynamics GP system. This approach serves to provide your organization with the needed functionality without modifying the core application. We can help you to make an informed decision regarding custom software development, system customization, and developing an external application.

Technical Support


After the Microsoft Dynamics GP system has been implemented, our clients often find ongoing technical support to be invaluable. Even if it's for nothing more than having someone to call when unexpected happens with the system. You have peace of mind knowing that there is a strike team on standby if something catastrophic happens to your GP system.

Dynamics GP Migration Services

While we support many clients on Microsoft Dynamics GP, we are also experts in migrating Dynamics GP clients to various ERP solutions. If you're thinking about transitioning from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central, below and included in the video are some reasons not to migrate.
10 Reasons Not to Migrate from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central:
01. It’s too expensive
02. You and your team don’t have time to migrate
03. You’ve always used Dynamics GP
04. Your users love Dynamics GP but don’t love change
05. Microsoft will provide support for Dynamics GP for at least 5 years 
06. Business Central is a different product (i.e., it is not an upgrade)
07. The 3rd party tools you need may not be integrated with Business Central
08. Dynamics GP supports your current business processes sufficiently well
09. Things may change (internally and externally)
10. You don’t need to do now but may consider it later

If these reasons apply to you, we can help you keep your Dynamics GP system running smoothly.

However, if these reasons don't apply to you,

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integrates accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and manufacturing functionality, providing business users with complete visibility over their business processes.

Reasons for migrating from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business central include: Seamless integration with Microsoft's Office 365 platform, simple remote access, and skipping a costly upgrade of an outdated version of Dynamics GP.

For more information about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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