Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Dynamics 365 Finance enables medium to large-sized organizations to automate and manage their global operations, providing real-time visibility to support data-driven decision-making, predict likely future outcomes, and drive business growth.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can make real-time, data-driven decisions to help drive top-line revenue. Learn more about our capabilities with development and enhancements from a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Consultant below.

Manufacturing System Implementation

Financial System Implementation

Much time and effort go into implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. The key is to utilize financial and human resources efficiently and effectively. This application especially proves challenging since there are many moving parts (chart of accounts, dimensions, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management, fixed assets) and integrations to every other part of the system (manufacturing, purchasing, sales, inventory control, field service). Our clients benefit from our expertise in:

• Discovery and analysis
• Business process review
• Requirements identification
• Financial data migration
• Pilot testing

Financial and Operational Reporting

Financial and Operational Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance comes with many standard reports. However, our clients often ask us to create reports to streamline their work or provide timely information with which executive management can use to make key decisions. Data visualization, using a BI tool, of key performance indicators allows you to quickly see when issues arise in your company. Our clients benefit from our expertise in:

• Creating financial statements
• Developing and enhancing reports
• Integration to Microsoft Power BI

Master Planning

Financial Budgeting and Planning

The budgeting and planning functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance provides manufacturing and distribution organizations with the ability to transform sales forecasts and budgets into actionable financial and operational plans. Using this functionality, your company can measure performance against targets and generate alerts your numbers are off minimizing financial, operational, and material waste within the organization. We assist our clients with:

• Sales forecasting
• Budget development
• Automated load of the planning system
• Automated imports of division financials
• Real-time reporting of actual versus budget

Business Processes

Business Processes

The key to a successful implementation of any financial application, including Dynamics 365 for Finance, is fit with your organization's business processes. However, financial systems rarely fit business processes "vanilla". With our guidance, our clients have tailored the financial system to fit their business processes or enhanced their processes to fit the system or, where applicable, done both. We help our clients with:

• Business process and fit-gap analysis
• Business process enhancement
• Requirements specification
• System customization and integration

Software Development

Software Development

Software development is often not included in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance implementation as it's perceived to make the process of upgrading in the future more difficult. We recommend software development in situations where data is transferred frequently between systems or your business processes are truly unique. The benefits of software development (i.e., reduced data entry and error rates) must outweigh the costs. We assist our clients with:

• System customization
• Power Automate software development
• API integration with cloud-based financial systems

Cloud Migration

Version Upgrades / Cloud Migration

Careful consideration must be given to upgrading an on-premises financial system. This is especially true if the application has been customized or if numerous third-party integrations have been implemented. In certain situations, the cost of an upgrade may very well be greater than the cost of migrating to a cloud-based system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. We help our clients:

• Assess the trade-offs between upgrading and implementing a completely new system
• Compare cost and level of effort to implement cloud-based versus on-premises solutions
• Navigate end of support for Microsoft Dynamics financial systems