Infor S3 Global Human Resources

Lawson Global Human Resources for Lawson manages people records representing the entire corporate workforce. People records are designed to support workflow capabilities throughout Lawson’s iconic software packages in Global HR, Talent Management, and other Infor People solutions. Employees, managers, and HR representatives have access to intuitive, mobile, personalized, and visually appealing user experiences. Key benefits of Lawson Global Human Resources include

  • Single people records will eliminate data integrity concerns
  • Data privacy compliance is recorded and logged
  • One-stop repository of people information transparent across other HR applications
  • Employee / manager self-service
  • Experience browser-based, commercial quality views, desktops, tablets, or mobile phones
Lawson Global Human Resources

Lawson Global Human Resources’ interconnected structure ties single people records to multiple talent management disciplines for an organizational-wide HR delivery. Lawson Global HR connects People solutions to Global HR giving bidirectional leverage of all Infor People solutions.

Lawson Global Human Resources enables clients to:

  • Management structures, organizations, and people records
  • Monitor qualifications and competencies
  • Oversee positions, jobs, and work assignments
  • Define talent / behavioral profiling

Lawson Global Human Resources provides the right data for the situation and real-time insights. This helps users make decisions to define processes improving and simplifying workflows, while managing costs. Lawson Global HR’s historical and current data is used to analyze performance. Organizations can:

  • Analyze program performance and effectiveness
  • Monitor future planning insights for immediate adjustments
  • Snap a chalk line for new KPIs to increase operational transparency
  • Evolve market presence for future organizational direction
  • Easily add or adjust processes using Lawson’s patented process flow toolkit
Infor S3 Global Human Resources