Infor MK and its predecessor, Manman/X, are branches of the Baan application. They share a common underlying technology base that includes binaries (executable programs), Version Release Control (VRC), and a 4GL software development toolkit. SSG has supported Clients on various versions of MK since the very early days of its release. We have developed solutions that help organizations utilize the power of the data assets and streamlined processes to optimize efficiency and results. 


Because the MK application did not have good native reporting capabilities, we developed SSGBusIntell to extract data from the MK system to create a comprehensive data warehouse. Any ODBC-compliant tool, including Microsoft Excel, could then access the data warehouse to create insightful ad-hoc reports not available in the standard MK system. Over 60 extracts have been developed to support financial, logistics, inventory, and manufacturing reporting. 


Over the years, SSG has developed and delivered MK training programs, including Customizer and Developer, to many client organizations. For companies running MK, there may be several reasons to evaluate training programs including attrition and turnover in personnel and sub-optimal utilization of the MK application. 


Although many companies are in a “holding pattern” before moving to another ERP application, re-training may produce valuable results in the near-term that make the investment well worthwhile. SSG can assist companies with training to improve processes in the short run, while consulting on the software evaluation process and subsequent migration to a new ERP platform.