About Infor ERP LN

When ERP LN was introduced, the application delivered solutions to address many requests from the Baan, MK, and MANMAN communities. The functionality and quality of the application have continued to improve since it was released. SSG has been there to see ERP LN evolve and we understand the changes that have taken place. The SSG team also understands the similarities and differences between ERP LN and the Baan, MK and MANMAN applications.
Infor ERP LN Implementations

Infor ERP LN Implementations

A full-blown implementation of any ERP application can be a daunting task. There are many activities to plan and execute on time and within budget. For example: Discovery & Analysis, Project Planning, Customization, Training, Pilot Testing, and GO LIVE! We have successfully guided our clients through this process dozens of times and can deliver business process efficiency to your organization with:

• New implementation
• Re-implementation
• Recovery from a failed implementation
• Module implementations (e.g., Manufacturing, Planning, Projects, Projects, Fixed Assets)

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A migration, if not done properly, can be a source of financial headache for months after "go live". We help clients "get to the other side" of a migration with our proven, time-tested process we call, "Multiple Next-Levels Systems Evolution". Not unlike an implementation, a migration requires adept integration of systems, departments, people, and processes for new competitive advantage. We've seen a thing or two including:

• Data migration (system to system)
• Acquisitions (company to company)
• Infor MK to ERP LN migration tool (SSG proprietary)
• Migration from legacy Infor to modern cloud business applications



Training is essential to the success of an implementation and ongoing operation of the Infor ERP LN application. We advocate the "train the trainer" approach and only provide high-level process documentation our the client. We encourage client teams to develop their own "desk procedures" using our best practices. Training is generally helpful to:

• Provide expertise to internal subject matter experts
• Replace internal (sometimes tribal) knowledge lost due to attrition
• Support business or departmental growth • Lift proficiency in: Finance, Logistics, Inventory Control, Manufacturing, Software Development



In situations where a migration to a new system is not cost-effective, upgrading an existing Infor ERP LN instance is often the best way to extend the life of the system your team members have come to know and love. Steps in the upgrade processing include:

• Understand the cost / benefit tradoffs in upgrading to a new version
• Assess and, if appropriate, transfer customizations
• Assess and, if appropriate, reestablish third-party integrations
• Provide training on the functionality of the new version

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EDI Configuration and Support

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) was introduced in the 1960s to enable reliable communications between multiple companies' computer systems. Its primary function was to standardize electronic transactions between customers and vendors. A number of our clients must use EDI to conduct business with their customers, often large retailers of consumer products. We've also provided support to a few clients with intra-company and 3rd party logistics (3PL) requirements. Our clients find a monthly support agreement to be an excellent way to get things done:

• Trading partner setup customers, vendors, distributors, 3PL service providers)
• VAN integration
• Data mapping
• Technical Support

Infor ERP LN Upgrade Options

It’s a critical time for Infor ERP LN users as extended maintenance ended for certain versions of the software. As of June of 2021, ERP LN 10.2.1 and older versions are no longer supported. It is a worrisome time for businesses that rely on these versions of the software.

If this applies to your company, we can help you understand the different Infor ERP LN upgrade options available to you.

Four different Infor ERP LN Upgrade Options​

Here are four different upgrade options to consider:
  • You can migrate to ERP LN 10.x in the cloud
  • You can upgrade to ERP LN 10.x on-premises
  • You can take your chances and remain on the same system (something we can help you with but do not recommend)
  • You can migrate to a different solution altogether (most likely the most expensive and time-consuming option)
Infor ERP LN Upgrade Options

Contact us today to discover more about your Infor ERP LN upgrade options

We can help you to understand the options available to you select the approach that is best for your company. For more information, please call (310) 539-4645 or click here to schedule a time to speak with one of our experienced consultants.