About Baan IV and Baan V

Originally developed in 1978, Baan IV and Baan V were the predecessors of the more modern ERP LN application. We are extremely familiar with the application, data structures, and what it takes to get optimum results from an Infor Baan implementation. Because of our experience with the application, SSG also assists clients in migrating from Infor Baan to other ERP software platforms. Since data warehouse functionality was lacking in the standard application, we developed SQL queries to extract data from the Info Baan system, and its sister application Infor MK, to create a data warehouse for users to analyze the data using Microsoft Excel and Power BI and other ODBC-compliant reporting tools. Clients have trusted SSG
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Infor Baan Support

About Baan IV and Baan V

Training is essential to the success of an implementation and ongoing operation of the Infor Baan application. We advocate the “train the trainer” approach and only provide high-level process documentation to our client. We encourage client teams to develop their own “desk procedures” using our best practices. Training is generally helpful to:
  • Develop expertise within internal teams
  • Replace internal knowledge lost as a result of people leaving the organization
  • Support business or departmental adoption
  • Expand proficiency in: Finance, Inventory Control, Logistics, Manufacturing, Application Technology
Infor Baan Process

Systems and Process Optimization

Our clients have found that Infor Baan operates best when the system supports their business processes. One of the first steps we speak with clients about is a Discovery and Analysis phase in which we review what’s happening in the business and the Infor Baan application to assess “business process / system fit”. To accomplish this, we:
  • Analyze and document business processes
  • Analyse systems to assess fit with business processes
  • Identify gaps in system functionality
  • Develop and present to management our key findings
  • Re-engineer business processes where needed
  • Customize systems to fit business processes
  • Integrate systems, departments, people, and processes for new competitive advantage
Infor Baan implementation

Software Development / Integration

Infor Baan implementation Software Development / Integration There are times, when software development is not included in an Infor Baan implementation as it’s perceived to impede the process of installing upgrades in the future. In extreme cases, where lots of custom software development has been done, the upgrade process is nearly as expensive and time-consuming and a full implementation. We recommend software development in situations where data must be transferred between systems and where the benefits of the software development clearly outweigh the costs. However, software customizations can provide additional functionality to meet complex business requirements in areas where out-of-the-box software may lack. Integration of Infor Baan to external systems allows for powerful reporting and transfer of data between key business applications. During Infor Baan development and integration projects, SSG can help:
  • Perform systems analysis
  • Develop requirements definition
  • Create database specification
  • Write programming specification
  • Develop software, keeping as much standard functionality as possible
Infor Baan Process

Technical Support

SSG provides help-desk level support for Infor Baan application and technical issues to Clients. This provides an attractive, cost-effective alternative to Infor support agreements. SSG’s Infor Baan expertise can help reinforce internal technical resources and SME’s to reduce the Client man-hours committed to resolving support cases.

Clients will often say, “It would be great if we had someone to call when we have a problem.” It could be a simple as fixing an A/P batch that won’t post to something more like, “Our network was just hacked. Can you help us get our Infor Baan instance up and running again?”

Some benefits of SSG Infor Baan support include:
  • Case / issue tracking
  • Application and systems issue resolution
  • Business hours and 24 x 7 coverage
  • Time and materials and monthly support options
  • Offload internal team to allow team members to focus on strategic initiatives

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