The eBook recently published by Strategic Systems Group (SSG) is an FAQ resource. It provides in-depth answers to “12 Frequently Asked Questions about Enterprise Resource Planning Systems” for manufacturers. In Chapter 9, we explore the issues commonly associated with user adoption of a new ERP system.

Implementing a New ERP System? How to Promote User Adoption

I love this cartoon. Because it’s so true. Change can be rough (ruff!). Sometimes, it feels like there’s a hitherto unknown rule of physics, embedded in our DNA, which makes us resist change. This begs the question: What’s the value of a new ERP system if your users don’t embrace it? All the time and money spent on a new and improved ERP solution will be useless, unless you take the time to understand some of the simple ways you can encourage adoption, right from the start.

It’s critical to understand that while IT support of the project is critical, IT support alone is not enough. All potential users must be on board and feel as though their concerns are being addressed. This includes Finance and Accounting as well as Operations. And, since so many ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems today include a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) component, adoption also needs to include Sales and Marketing.

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At the end of the day, the consulting team that you’ve hired is tasked with getting the new ERP system online and making it work properly. Getting your employees on board is your job! We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: Let your mantra be “Change is Good!” 

Here are a few pitfalls to avoid like the plague:

  • A situation wherein a single executive has decided that a new
    ERP is needed, without getting the entire executive team on
  • A situation wherein IT alone is driving the project.
  • A situation wherein every constituency has not had a voice in
    the process.

And here are a couple of simple best practices to ensure the successful adoption of a new ERP solution:

Documentation and Training

Budgeting appropriately for documentation and training is a key factor for success. In the end, skimping on these elements will always prove to be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Without proper training and documentation, your employees will flounder. And then, even those who were initially in favor of the new ERP system will quickly become voices of discontent if they can’t experience the benefits of the new solution. After all, the new system was supposed to make their jobs easier, not more difficult.

Cosmetic Changes

For example, changing the field names in the new system to be similar to what they were in the old system (even though they have different functionality in the new system) can go a long way toward adoption. This creates some familiarity between the old system and the new one, allowing users to adapt more easily to the new package.

To learn more about best practices for successful end user adoption of new ERP systems …

You can download a complimentary copy of our eBook now, or just read on.

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