Caterpillars don’t need Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software to manage their metamorphosis into butterflies. Mother Nature does that for them. Manufacturers, on the other hand, do require the right software to manage the lifecycle of their products. For our Microsoft Dynamics and Infor manufacturing clients, Strategic Software Systems (SSG) recommends Aras.

Aras is far more versatile than most PLM systems we’ve explored for our manufacturing clients.

Industry Versatility – Aras PLM supports all the following sectors:

Platform Versatility – If you’re a manufacturer saddled with several or a multitude of disparate point solutions that don’t talk to each other and don’t integrate with your ERP system, just take a look at everything that the Aras Platform provides, in addition to PLM and ERP integration:

Learn More – I know. All I’ve done here is provide a long list of manufacturing industry sectors and applications available from Aras. Guilty as charged. I know, really want is to speak with you and understand how SSG and Aras can improve your manufacturing processes. Contact us by calling (310) 539-4645 or via our contact form.

Let’s talk about manufacturing and integration, both of which are near and dear to us at SSG.

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