Software Saves Time. It’s universally accepted that time is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. It’s also widely accepted that we can’t turn time back (except of course when Daylight Savings Time ends on November 3rd, and we actually do turn our clocks back an hour).

A minute is still a minute

Sundials and hourglasses are known to have existed since 1,500 BCE. Today we measure time on digital clocks and watches which are far more accurate. But nothing has changed. A minute is still a minute. And time still inevitably marches forward, not backward.

I don’t know precisely what prompted me to start thinking about time in a business sense. I may have been in the midst of implementing a manufacturing ERP system for one of our clients. That’s entirely possible since that’s what we do every day here at Strategic Software Systems (SSG).

What’s the value of an extra day off?

That led me to think about the value of time relevant to the value of the various ERP-related services we provide to our clients. What value do they get? Sure, they get more productive, more efficient business processes. But the actual value lies in the time they get back. In other words, how our solutions saves time.

When we give you back your time, what you get is more time to allocate and spend on higher value, more meaningful work. Maybe you could actually take a lunch break or even an extra day off!

Getting your time back

That led me to think about role-based time savings. How do people throughout your company benefit from a modern manufacturing ERP software solution that automates all the mind-numbing, time-consuming, manual tasks that they used to perform? How does our newly implemented software system impact their jobs? What is the best way to get their time back? What is the best way to save time?

So, we asked! We asked our clients to answer that question. Here’s what they told us.

Sales – “I got my time back because I no longer have to pull multiple spreadsheets together to compute my KPIs and adjust my sales forecasts. Instead of spreadsheets stored in folders, I now have a dynamic dashboard that comes up every time I open my laptop. It tells me everything I need to know at a glance and in real-time. I even have a dashboard that displays all of my opportunities, what stage they’re at, estimated revenue, and estimated close date.”

Operations – “I got my time back because my team is telling me that inventory counts are accurate and because we can rely on those counts, backorders are down, too. We receive automated replenishment alerts. And we have far better insights into our supply chain.”

Finance – “I got my time back because I no longer have to sift through thousands of rows of data in a spreadsheet to reconcile our accounts payable balance. It’s fully automated. A month-end close now takes minutes versus days. That’s a lot of time saved that I now spend on more important projects, like forecasts, which were sheer guesswork in the past and are now insight-based.”

IT – “I got my time back because I no longer see a mountain of ERP system service requests piling up. With the old system, there were always performance and latency issues. Or actual breakdowns. The downtime was a huge problem and very costly. Reports were often my responsibility, too, because creating them was too complex for anyone without a technical background. I can now focus on innovative projects like updating our data center. We’ve put that off for far too long, only because I never had the time to address it before.”

Production Manager – “I got my time back because I can now identify potential machine issues, prevent downtime, and increase product quality and yield before issues occur. I can also perform production planning and asset maintenance in real-time, which extends the life and performance of my equipment. Everything that used to be a manual task is now automated and optimized.”

That’s all well and good but…

You may be thinking: That’s great, but how can I pay for a new ERP system that saves time? SSG can help you pay for it! We’ve been doing this for a long time (since 1991 to be precise), and there are ways to offset the costs of the software and services required to implement a new manufacturing ERP system.

Just contact us for more information. Call SSG at 310.539.4645 or email us at

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