Perhaps you were high on Microsoft Dynamics 365 when it first came out. Almost but not quite ready to ride the 365 wave. But then you fell off the wagon. Couldn’t quite figure out what the benefits might be for your manufacturing and distribution business. Perhaps you were right to wait until the product matured. What I’m here to tell you is:

The time is just right now to hop back on the wagon for a great ride.

The timing is perfect. At Strategic Systems Group (SSG) we generally recommend waiting at least 6 months before implementing any new software. We like to give it time for the bugs to be worked out, and time for our staff to test the product and become intimately familiar with it. Dynamics 365 is now 10 months old. We can now recommend it with confidence.

It’s built for the cloud. Unlike many other ERP systems, Dynamics 365 did not start out as an on premises solution that had to be adapted to the cloud. It’s a true cloud solution. It’s all about the online experience, beginning with the fact that Microsoft Dynamics 365 can even be purchased online.

The Microsoft online marketplace offers hundreds of need-specific apps that can be purchased and added to round out and enhance your Dynamics 365 solution. You can search AppSource by industry or function. Check out this one-minute AppSource video for a quick look.

Dynamics 365 is built for you, for discrete manufacturing or process manufacturing.

Integrated CRM
For marketing automation, sales automation, and customer service. Built right in to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system.

From start-ups to multinational corporations, Dynamics 365 is the right fit. Start small and grow large. The cloud can be whatever size you need it to be.

Performed automatically.

A thing of the past. You’re always on the current version.

Hitch your wagon to the Dynamics 365 star with SSG as your seasoned guide for a great ride.

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