Selecting the right software solution for your business can be complex due to the overwhelming level of choices. At Strategic Systems Group (SSG), we can provide expert support and ensure that you select the ideal software options based on your individual requirements for a successful digital transformation. Our consultants are completely unbiased and will only recommend software solutions that provide the best value, contract terms and level of support. At SSG, we can help ensure that you mitigate levels of risk and guarantee a high ROI with any software selection.

Best Enterprise System To Support Your Vision

Select The Enterprise System To Support Your Vision

Enterprise systems such as supply chain management and customer relationship management offer incredible potential for companies that must remain competitive in a constantly evolving market. There’s no longer a requirement for these systems to be customized to meet specific needs. Instead, horizontal applications are readily available. However, choosing the best enterprise system is a challenge. It is essential to consider various factors beyond surface features. Everything from vendor viability to ease of implementation must be considered. It is also often difficult to ascertain whether a specific system will continue to gain support in the future after major acquisitions and business mergers. Cloud solutions also provide more opportunities but complicate matters further. Business managers must consider whether cloud software is a true SaaS or simply an ERP offered as a managed service. Selecting the best system for your business will require the right approach. Vendors must be screened, business processes need to be assessed, key requirements need to be analysed and the list goes on. This requires time, knowledge, experience, access to the right tools, and data sets. This will always be a cost intense process. We can help ensure things are easier and more efficient.

Effective Software Selection Consulting Service

A Streamlined, Focused Solution You Can Trust

At SSG we provide an advanced, highly focused, effective software selection consulting service. We will ensure that your need system is suited specifically for the future ambitions of your business. We aren’t just thinking about your business today, but instead how your business will change in the years ahead and whether the new software solution will provide the right support. Our consultants will also carefully explore the factors that make your business different from the differentials of the best enterprise software vendors. This helps us narrow down a list of finalists for you to explore. Narrowing down a shortlist of suitable vendors can be a time-consuming process. This isn’t the case with our solution. Using simple steps we can quickly determine which vendors are most suitable for your business. The software selection process can fail at the point of implementation. This is often because implementation consulting firms are underqualified. We’ll vet these consultants carefully for you. There are no conflicts of interest with our services. We have no technology vendor partners and do not sell software ourselves. You also won’t need to worry about subtle marketing, pushing you in one direction or another. Our one and only priority is ensuring you get the best option available.

Gain Support with Assessment and Gap Analysis

Gain Support With Assessment And Gap Analysis

Gap analysis is key to choosing a software solution which fills the gaps in the current system. Using a meticulous method we can carry out this process for you. We’ll create cases that describe a specific problem or opportunity that can be solved using the new software. We can then define the outcomes desired to ensure software meets both current and future needs. Key users and stakeholders will be interviewed to ensure that the new software meets their individual requirements too while seamlessly integrating with desired applications. Various non-functional requirements will also be considered during this process including:
• Audit
• Privacy
• Security

Access Demonstrations To Gain The Full Picture

At SSG we provide complete support at every stage of this process. That includes requesting the right information and proposals as well as demonstrations from suitable vendors. We will also provide the right evaluation tools to your project team to guarantee great success during the selection of the right vendor. Furthermore, we will also provide continuous support during the implementation and post-implementation assessment. Rest assured, we have experts for every subject matter required to tackle any issues that can arise during the final implementation process. From trouble with accounting to taxes and technology, our team covers it all for you.

A Service Matched To Your Individual Objectives

At SSG, we understand the needs of every business are different depending on size, objectives and countless other factors. Some businesses require a brand-new system while others only need to update their current solution. We are equipped to handle both possibilities as well as countless others. Get in touch today and discover how our service will help you choose the right software for the next chapter of your company. To learn more, please call (310) 539-4645 or click here to schedule a time to speak with one of our experienced consultants.