Having specialized in every aspect of manufacturing software solutions for 25+ years, we know pretty much everything there is to know about it.

From design to development, migrations, implementations, integrations, configuration and customization. One truth has been a constant. No out-of-the-box software will get you 100% of the functionality desired to run a shop floor exactly the way you want. The cherry on top will require some degree of customization. And every manufacturer wants (or should want) that cherry. Because there’s no reason to settle for anything less than perfection.

That’s why Strategic Systems Group (SSG) has spent decades developing cherry-on-top customizations for all of the manufacturing software products we support – Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP, SYSPRO, Infor LN, Baan, MK and Manman.

SSG’s custom solutions will add and enhance functionality for your legacy ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. We will also implement and integrate 3rd party software to resolve any gaps that might otherwise exist. When it comes to Web-based solutions, SSG will develop customer-facing applications for e-commerce or client portals. We provide Graphical User Interface (GUI) design and support completely custom ERP applications. If you want to deploy your ERP data on the Web, we will set that up for you, too.

SSG Proprietary Applications

SSGBusIntell – Yes, we have our own Business Intelligence (BI) tool that we can integrate into your manufacturing software for much needed reporting and analysis. Our BI tool is designed for the business user, thereby taking IT out of the reporting loop. It’s a win-win situation that allows business users to quickly and easily generate the reports they need while freeing up your IT resources for more technical tasks and projects. SSGBusIntell provides powerful insights into your ERP data, which then allows you to make informed business decisions based on up-to-date performance metrics.

SSG*EDI – Commonly used for the electronic exchange of documents such as purchase orders, invoices and shipping notices, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) applications are not new. However, SSG*EDI simplifies the processing of those transactions and manages all EDI activities through a single interface.

SSG*API – In order to import external data into your ERP database, you’ll need an Application Programming Interface, or API. We have developed our own API for clients running any of the manufacturing solutions we support. Imports via the SSG*API can be set up to run on a periodic basis or continuously during the day, depending on their purpose.

In Conclusion

Why should manufacturers leverage custom software development? Because 99.9% of the time, custom development is the only way to achieve all of the goals you’ve set forth for your ERP solution.

How should manufacturers leverage custom software development? We’ve provided a number of examples above. However, every situation is unique and in some cases, it isn’t cost-effective. The only way you can find out how SSG’s custom development team can alleviate your pain is to contact us.

Here’s how. Call us at 310.539.4645 or email us at info@ssgnet.com. We look forward to speaking with you soon.