SSG has provided custom software development solutions to support ERP applications for many years, including:

  • Custom Solution Development
    • Adding / enhancing functionality for legacy ERP software
    • 3rd party software implementation / integration
  • Web Solutions
    • Web-based Customer-Facing Applications
    • Graphic and User Interface Design
    • Web deployment of ERP data

SSG has developed key products to help clients increase the benefits and utilization of their ERP software:

SSG BusIntell

SSG BusIntell is a “business intelligence” reporting and analysis methodology that puts the power of the data into the hands of the business user.

This approach takes raw data from your ERP application and presents it in a way that can quickly and easily be analyzed and reported by the business user. It takes I/T out of the reporting loop.

SSG BusIntell provides solid, concise reporting coupled with flexibility. This product fills gaps where standard reporting is missing, plus it enhances existing application reporting.

Using standard desktop tools, business users tap into a ‘single source of the truth’ to make decisions and evaluate performance.


EDI transaction processing is simplified using SSG*EDI. All activities can now be managed through a single interface. Standard processing is enhanced by the ability of SSG*EDI to identify Sales Order Change transactions, which can then be entered and tracked.


Application program interfaces (API’s) provide a way to incorporate diverse data into the ERP application database. The SSG*API set of tools is used to load various data from external systems into the ERP application database. These imports can be setup to run on a periodic basis or run continuously during the day, depending upon their purpose.

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