Is there room in an already crowded market for yet another manufacturing software solution?

When the new kid on the block is Microsoft Dynamics 365, the answer is emphatically yes.

Pause for a moment to consider how long it has been since a brand new manufacturing software system has entered the market. Here’s a quick view of a few contenders:

Date of First Release Product Notes
1978 Baan
1978 Manman
1997 MK
2001 Microsoft Dynamics AX Formerly Axapta, founded in 1998
2001 Microsoft Dynamics GP Formerly Great Plains, founded in 1993
2002 Infor
2016 Microsoft Dynamics 365

Of course, all of the above listed products were updated on a regular basis by their vendors, some more frequently than others. None were originally built for the cloud. None were originally built for mobile users. With the exception of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Some have been re-engineered to run on a cloud platform as well as for mobile access. But there can be a world of difference between re-engineered for and built for. This analogy may not be 100% accurate, but think about the difference between an automobile manufactured with a spoiler versus one that has had a spoiler bolted to the trunk! According to Popular Mechanics, there’s no comparison. In fact, an aftermarket spoiler may hinder performance.

This is not to say that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best choice for every manufacturer, despite its many virtues. What are the virtues of Dynamics 365 for Operations? The tools available in D365 (as it’s commonly called) enable manufacturers to:

  • Accelerate production, i.e. faster time to market
  • Streamline global supply chains
  • Increase shop floor agility
  • Combine ERP and CRM into a single integrated solution
  • Use IoT sensors for predictive maintenance
  • Deploy “phone home” technology
  • Benefit from a virtually limitless BOM

These are high-level attributes, each of which requires a great deal more detail and explication. The 2-minute video below is also a high-level overview.

Dynamics 365 Overview Video Presented by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

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