Sport Eyewear Manufacturer

The Company

In business for over 40 years in Costa Mesa, CA, “Company D” designs, markets and sells a wide variety of sun-glass styles. With a lean staff of 8 employees in the U.S., Company D is the number one selling popular-priced Sport and Resort Eye-Wear brand.


Sporting/Personal accessory products.


Sold through consumer retail outlets.

The Challenges

Due to strong sales and revenue growth, Company D outgrew the capabilities of its legacy software system (Great Plains).  It became difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to make its Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system as well as other modern business interfaces work efficiently with the legacy system.
In addition, the legacy database would not easily allow the efficient use of newer business tools and applications.  Basic business reporting became very time and labor-intensive. While accounting-based reporting was sufficient, operational reporting was minimal, and visibility was lacking.

The SSG Solution

Strategic Systems Group, Inc. (SSG) installed a modified version of SSG*EDI, a product originally designed for another ERP application, and adapted it for Great Plains.  Company D was then able to maintain and expand its business relationships with its major customers. SSG also designed, developed, and implemented a custom interface between the legacy ERP system and EDI system that allowed streamlined management of the EDI parameters.

SSG increased Company D ‘s data warehouse functionality by upgrading their existing system. SSG was able to deliver enhanced capabilities (sales reporting) specific and customized to fit Style Eyes unique business processes. With SSG’s help, Company D was able to substantially decrease the time it took to complete the monthly reporting process using readily available tools, including Crystal Reports and Microsoft Excel.

The Results
The customized EDI interface greatly improved the communications capabilities between Company D and its key customers, leading to new business/market opportunities and substantially increased revenues.

Reporting process time-to-complete was substantially reduced from having to create 30 custom reports, requiring over 240 labor hours to complete, to less than one hour, using a custom-designed Excel spreadsheet pivot table.

With SSG’s help, Company D is now able to utilize its limited internal resources in a much more efficient manner, with overall labor hours for business segment reporting substantially reduced. In addition, Company D has been able to enhance and increase its decision-making capabilities and competitive positioning through increased visibility and efficient analysis of business data using SSG’s data warehouse/business intelligence tools.  Company D was able to successfully manage its sales and revenue growth and concentrate on growing the business, instead of managing their antiquated legacy systems.  The company’s revenue increased significantly over 4 years.

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