Scientific Instruments Manufacturer

The Company

“Company B” manufactures and markets a broad range of high-quality, specialized scientific instruments.

  • Publically traded company since 2000
  • Annual Revenue is $105m+
  • Products sold in over 100 countries

The Challenges

Company B had insufficient internal system expertise and inadequate application and general support for its ERP system (MK). In addition, there was a lack of I/T personnel available to support the ERP system on an ongoing basis.

Company B also needed its commission system data formatted and consolidated. This was a time-consuming, manual process. Commissions data was submitted from multiple divisions using inconsistent formats as well as different languages.   After all of the commissions data was gathered, it had to be transformed into something that could be consolidated.

Finally, Company B was in the early stages of the evaluation and selection process for a replacement ERP system.

The Solutions

SSG upgraded Company B’s hardware, operating systems and applications in multiple domestic and international divisions, including performing software version upgrades and complex custom software migration.

SSG developed and maintained the interfaces for Company B and provided custom software solutions that resulted in integrating the following third party applications:

  • MK Interface to CRM
  • MK interface to Shipping System

SSG performed application upgrades, and also insured all third party applications function properly.

SSG installed and also trained users in SSGBusIntell, which provided enhanced and comprehensive corporate reporting and analysis capabilities.

SSG created and installed a new process for collecting, extracting, formatting, and consolidating sales commissions data from multiple sources. This improved sales commission data accuracy by significantly reducing data-entry errors.

SSG provided user applications user training due to employee attrition, as well as provided new employee training services.

SSG also provided services relating to the selection process for Company B’s new ERP system.

The Results

With SSG’s help, Company B had an on-call, cost-effective back-up capability for its internal I/T function.

SSG assisted in keeping Company B’s software and applications current and useable, saving both time and expense.

Company B now has the ability to generate reports using Excel at the user level, with little or no I/T support necessary. With this upgraded capability, actionable information is available at the user level.

With SSG’s consulting services, Company B was able to defer hiring additional I/T personnel.

With SSG’s assistance, Company B selected Microsoft Dynamics AX to replace MK as its ERP application.

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