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Marine Electronics Manufacturer – Tideland Signal Corporation

“With SSG’s help we were able to take control of the MK system at corporate and bring up other divisions on the same platform.  We have limited internal I/T resources and have come to rely on SSG for its expertise in this area.”

Betsy Vogel, Operations and I/T Manager

Marine Electronics Manufacturer- Case History

The Company

Tideland Signal Corporation, (Tideland) based in Houston, TX (with divisions in Canada, UK, Middle East, and Singapore) is a leading producer of maritime navigational aids, installation, maintenance and support services.


Maritime Signaling Devices

The Challenges

Tideland required primary application support services, as well as assistance with inventory control, financial reporting, and business planning.  The loss of support for the legacy ERP application, (MK) led to insufficient internal resources and internal expertise to effectively utilize their ERP system. Basic business/financial reporting as well as business planning processes were negatively impacted by this lack of ERP system support. In addition, there was a lack of corporate-wide ERP system knowledge across divisions, including multiple international locations.

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The Solutions

The existing ERP system was rolled-out and implemented in multiple divisions, including international locations (Canada, United Kingdom, Middle East, Singapore). Key users were trained in MK ERP system functionality, which increased overall operations efficiency as well as system utilization. With all of the divisions on the same ERP system, and trained to efficiently utilize MK’s ERP functionality, the internal value-added benefits accrued corporate-wide through best practices.  SSG’s training and implementation services allowed Tideland’s divisions to become self-sufficient in more efficiently utilizing the full capabilities and functionality of their ERP system.

SSG developed and implemented new modules for the following functions: Physical Inventory and Financial Reporting/Business Planning.  In addition, SSG provided software development services, including the creation of custom, specialized reporting capabilities in Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable (A/R, A/P) reconciliations, as well as software bug fixes.
SSG assisted with the migration from Unix to a Windows platform, which increased efficiency and functionality at both the IT as well as the individual user level.  In addition, there now are additional corporate resources available to support the Windows platform.

SSG also deployed a corporate data warehouse (SSGBusIntell). This business planning capability upgraded and improved Tideland’s decision-making processes.  This upgrade provided user level utilization and customization without the need for IT intervention or management, saving time and money.

Improved Service Module functionality: SSG streamlined and upgraded the following functions: RMA Processing, Spare Parts Management, and Repair Services Management.

SSG created new, custom currency error resolution reduction processes, resulting in improved financial reporting accuracy as well as improved understanding of relative currency movements.

SSG Implemented serialization functionality at the shop-floor level to enhance and improve Tideland’s field service capabilities.

The Results

Through efficient leveraging of Tideland Signal’s existing technologies and capabilities, SSG substantially enhanced and improved the utilization of their business information and data processes.

SSG improved Tideland’s business planning functionality across multiple divisions, upgraded and improved financial visibility, business process/operations planning, and month-end processing, which provided increased support for both tactical and strategic planning, improving both their competitive advantages and value-added proposition to their customers.

SSG’s comprehensive multi-site ERP implementation was completed in a much shorter time-frame than Tideland could have accomplished using its own internal resources, providing a much faster upgrade cycle, allowing Tideland to focus on their core business objectives, and maintain a competitive advantage in their respective markets.

For more information about how SSG can help your organization, please contact SSG at (310) 539-4645 or via the contact form today!