Comprehensive, quality support requires more than a help desk, more than an online incident ticketing system, more than live chat – although it’s nice to have all these features.

The best support begins long before an incident occurs.

It begins with choosing a best-in-class ERP software solution that has been thoroughly tested. It, therefore, follows that you need to work a team that provides Selection and Evaluation Consulting services.

It begins with the implementation of the ERP software, which includes data migration. It, therefore, follows that you need to choose a partner with a flawless record of successful data migrations and implementations.

It begins with ensuring that your infrastructure will support your new ERP system. And that once implemented, your system will be secure. It, therefore, follows that you need to work with a partner who provides infrastructure support, Application and Network Security, and Disaster Recovery Planning.

It begins with Strategic Systems Group (SSG).

But it doesn’t end there, because while SSG does offer:

  • Selection and Evaluation Consulting
  • Data Migration and Management Services
  • New Application Implementations
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Application and Network Security Solutions
  • ERP Software Support, and
  • Disaster Recovery Planning

SSG also offers:

  • Re-implementation of Existing Applications
  • Upgrades
  • System Management and Support
  • System and Application Integration
  • Management Reporting and Analysis
  • Business Intelligence Consulting
  • Training and Education for:
    • Business Users
    • System Administrators, and
    • Developers

There’s Only One Conclusion

If you are looking for the best ERP systems support, you will find it at Strategic Systems Group (SSG). We’ve been implementing and supporting ERP software solutions for manufacturers since 1991, helping our clients choose the ideal system for their companies, helping our clients choose options for growth and success. Please contact SSG at (310) 539-4645 or via our contact form today!

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