There is NO heavy lifting involved in moving from QuickBooks or spreadsheets to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Not a scintilla. Zero. None. Nada. No moving vans. No need to get quotes from numerous moving companies. No need to find a storage facility for your excess stuff.

So, take a breath and breathe out a sigh of relief. Because now, I am going to tell you how easy it is to move from QuickBooks or spreadsheets to Business Central and how much your company will benefit from the move.

To establish some context, let us look at…

A Common QuickBooks Scenario

Several of our wholesale distribution and manufacturing clients, due to good product-market fit and effective operational management, are growing rapidly. They achieved this rapid growth to their credit while running nothing more than a simple accounting system like QuickBooks and/or numerous spreadsheets.

However, their Operations and Accounting teams spend an excessive amount of time manually updating spreadsheets, identifying and resolving discrepancies, and generating accurate reports for management.

They recognized the imperative for software that could scale to accommodate their growth, provide accurate reports, and better support all their manufacturing and wholesale distribution operations. A more robust solution would also include features such as Supply Chain Management (SCM), Inventory Management (IM), and Warehouse Management (WMS) for starters, not to mention additional functionality such as automated workflows, Business Intelligence (BI), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which is now called Customer Engagement (CE).

All of which would be covered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

If you are running QuickBooks and/or spreadsheets and experiencing growing pains or the pain of insufficient functionality, then your next step would be a…

QuickBook to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Readiness Assessment

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system designed to address the needs of small and medium-sized businesses that can no longer effectively manage their operations with QuickBooks and/or spreadsheets. Business Central has the added benefit of natively integrating with Microsoft 365 and other popular Microsoft applications.

You are a good candidate for a move to a more robust software system. How would you know if it is time to consider moving to Business Central? If you might answer “yes” to any of the questions below:

  • Does your company have 100 to 2,500 employees?
  • Does your company purchase or manufacture products that must be kept in inventory?
  • Does your team process thousands up to hundreds of thousands of transactions per month?
  • Do you have people or departments that manage sales, purchasing, inventory, and finance?
  • Are you frustrated about not meeting customer demand and delivery dates?
  • Are you concerned about holding too much or, worse, too little inventory?
  • Are you anxious about errors in your financial reporting?

Strategic Systems Group (SSG) has three decades of experience implementing and supporting ERP systems. We understand the problems and strategic challenges that manufacturing and wholesale distribution companies face. Clients trust us to solve these problems and align their technology strategy with their business strategies. That is why we have developed our own Readiness Assessment.

We have long understood that prospective clients are unsure which path to follow for their business applications. We’ve also found that an assessment clarifies whether to stay with your existing system or implement a new one.

During a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Readiness Assessment we:

  • Conduct a focused discovery and analysis
  • Identify key organizational capabilities
  • Conduct a fit-gap analysis
  • Estimate cost and time to implement
  • Deliver a findings document with recommendations
  • Present findings and recommendations to management

We have also created…

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Suppose you feel that your company may be a candidate for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You want to hear more about what Business Central can do to streamline your operations. In that case, the Strategic Systems Group (SSG) team will conduct our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Readiness Assessment for the ridiculously low price of $995.

But wait! There’s more.

Should you decide to make the intelligent move to Business Central, we will credit $995 towards the cost of the implementation.

Moving from QuickBooks to Microsoft Business Central Could Not Be Easier

More and more growing businesses are moving from finance applications such as QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, which are designed for startups and other small businesses, to Business Central, which supports larger, more complex organizations.

They obviously want to bring their business data with them as they transition. To help transfer data, Business Central offers built-in extensions that migrate data such as customers, vendors, inventory items, and general ledger accounts. Extensions for a QuickBooks Desktop data migration or a QuickBooks Online data migration are installed and ready to go as an integrated part of the Dynamics Business Central assisted setup guide.

Moving from spreadsheets to Business Central is even easier.

Top 3 Reasons for Migrating from QuickBooks to Business Central

We engage with companies that are currently running QuickBooks and looking for a better solution on an almost daily basis. We, therefore, understand their pain. The top 3 QuickBooks challenges and weaknesses we hear about are:

  • Maximum records limits – QuickBooks imposes limits on how many records the system can process and maintain in its archive, several employees, posted transactions, etc.  Once you reach those limits, your only choice is to start removing the history from QuickBooks.
  • Insecure file structure – An insecure file structure exposes QuickBooks data to direct editing within the data tables themselves. This allows for “after the fact editing” of posted transactions, with no record of the changes made.
  • Accounting nightmare – QuickBooks even allows for creating out-of-balance transactions, where credits do NOT equal debits.

These are far from insignificant factors for uninterrupted day-to-day operations, proper financial accountability, and, last but not least, peace of mind.

Take the next step for YOUR peace of mind

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