SSG has been a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) application and information systems consulting firm since 1991, and began as a group of partners that provided custom software development solutions to improve the functionality of ERP software systems utilized by manufacturing and distribution companies. Many legacy ERP software packages lacked functionality and reporting capabilities, which led SSG to develop custom solutions to fulfill client business requirements.

SSG continues to service clients that utilize legacy ERP software, but has also developed expertise in ERP software packages that are industry-leading solutions in the market today. SSG specializes in migrating companies from legacy ERP applications to these modern ERP applications, which provides increased functionality and efficiency to clients.


SSG has continually evolved as an organization to meet changing market and client demands. SSG provides clients with a wide range of ERP solutions, consulting, implementation, data migration and training services. Through changing economic trends and changing market conditions, SSG has maintained its passion for providing quality solutions and service. Clients benefit from the longevity of SSG. With 20+ years of ERP industry experience and business partner relationships, the SSG team is familiar with client business processes, ERP environment, and organizational goals and objectives. SSG’s clients range in size from small companies to large multi-national and publicly traded organizations. SSG is experienced with a wide range of industries and vertical markets.

  • Broad business backgrounds
  • Creativity in solving business challenges
  • Proven records of success
  • Technical expertise
  • Systems expertise
  • Software and custom application development expertise
  • Business process consulting experience
  • Project management experience


As a result of The SSG’s experience and familiarity in solving information systems problems and in coding tailored software solutions, it sets a high standard for analysis and isolation of problems and delivers a highly intuitive and transparent process of servicing clients. SSG’s problem-solution efficiency can upstage firms many times its size, making it a preferred Transformation Team strategic partner among future-focused manufacturers and distributors.

SSG focuses its competence and energy on two mission-critical aspects of its purpose. The first aspect is discovery & assessment resulting in the Reframing and Minimization of Risks inherent in the transformation to data-driven, intelligent enterprise. The second aspect is guiding clients in the strategic selection of leading edge and next-generation solutions then implementing the Timely Up-Leveling and Integration of strategic information systems across the enterprise.
By engaging with SSG, an increasing list of companies that are looking for a leading edge technology partner to select best solutions for its future, gain;

  1. Iterative improvement toward competitive advantage,
  2. Strategic management of the top eight manufacturing cost areas; and top seven distribution costs areas; and
  3. Lead positioning for the cross-platform, global inter-relationship of supply chain and systems software that will empower their company’s next generation of competitiveness.


In SSG’s executive role serving clients as a strategic partner, it accelerates and shapes the future of each client company.  SSG accomplishes this by leveraging its systems expertise to up-level each client’s business efficiency and to create competitive advantage. It also accelerates the micro-industries it chooses to serve and re-sets the intelligent enterprise standards of tomorrow for manufacturing and distribution in the US.

SSG creates a powerful legacy with its passionate and rigorous application of information systems experience, business savvy and determination to achieve SSG’s vision of the business outcomes available to each client company.

That legacy is a major catalyst for the resurgence of US industry and its competitiveness on the world stage.

For more information about how SSG can help your organization, please contact SSG at (310) 539-4645 or via the contact form today!