Continuously decreasing delivery times, increasing demands regarding product safety and a persistent shortage of labor. A small selection of the challenges that you are currently facing as logistics service providers. And then we are not even mentioning the far-reaching wishes of customers. Orders must be processed as quickly as possible at the lowest possible costs – without compromising the quality and safety of products.

What is the magic trick of staying financially healthy and simultanously meeting market demand in these challenging times of tight margins and high expectations? In short: how do you achieve your warehouse KPIs? The answer is actually quite simple: put your WMS to work and save some time.

A practical step towards innovation

With a tight labor market and small margins, automation is often a practical investment. That may not sound innovative. But it is precisely a practical move that gives you the space to engage in innovative projects. Because with the right tools you can process larger volumes with minimal (manual) operations, so you don’t have to burden your colleagues with additional administrative tasks. That makes a difference; you no longer have to worry about it so you can focus on other things.

Your warehouse KPIs worked out in 5 quick wins

For example, how you can meet the demands of your customers. Consider the communication desire and the traceability of products. Or what the optimum distribution of assignments is between people and machines. Something that you can outsource to the analytical insight of AI. But also how you prevent traffic jams at your loading docks. Therefore, we have brought together 5 quick wins for you in one blog.

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