Published by the ERP experts at Strategic Systems Group, this eBook was spawned to address the most common, and the most critical, questions we receive from executives about their organizations’ ERP systems. These questions touch on topics ranging from software selection to implementation to ongoing support issues. The answers will benefit business owners, CEOs, CFOs, I/T executives, and middle managers responsible for sales, operations, and finance.

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Each of the 12 chapters provides an in-depth answer to each of the 12 key questions. Here’s a quick preview of the concepts covered in Chapter 1.


In order to select the right ERP software, a number of factors should be considered, including:

  • Industry Type
  • Company Size
  • Fit with Existing Business Processes
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Fit with Existing Infrastructure and Technology
  • Enterprise Considerations
  • Reporting Requirements

Company size, for example, is a major factor in determining the kind and complexity of application that should be used for the organization. For instance, a small business using QuickBooks and spreadsheets to run its manufacturing organization will most likely not need a Tier 1 application like SAP or Oracle because those ERP systems will simply be too big for the job at hand. In cases like that, it would make more sense to choose a less complex package, because the leap from QuickBooks and spreadsheets to a Tier 2 or even a Tier 3 ERP application will be much more likely to succeed.

Reporting requirements, as another example, are often a key driver in the selection of the ERP application. If an enterprise has to deal with multi-company, multi-location, or multi-currency requirements, the selection process becomes exponentially more complex, elevating the requirements of the ERP application.

In situations where an industry-specific application is available, it should be considered. Company size, fit with existing manufacturing processes, and technology infrastructure should also be considered in the software selection process.

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